Welcome to Shawnee Chapter of Illinois Audubon Society

Shawnee Chapter of Illinois Audubon Society, serving members across the southernmost region of Illinois. We are dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Illinois habitat and its diversity of native birds, animals and plants. We offer bird watching and nature-related field trips, workshops and presentations in southern Illinois.

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The Insect Awareness & Appreciation Day 2015


Praying Mantis is Appreciated


Having fun – IAAD-2015


Curiosity – up close

“By What circumstances a strong curiosity about nature is sustained in some individuals is not known, but this, whatever the cause is the naturalist’s magnificent blessing. He wants to understand the earth; He keeps asking questions and looking for answers.” From Dr. Richard Graber’s, On The Naturalist Nature Of Man.

This year at Illinois Audubon Society’s, War Bluff Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, another Insect Awareness and Appreciation Day brought together naturalists, with young people just learning about the natural world, in the hope of sustaining that strong curiosity about nature in them.

As caretaker of the Sanctuary I personally and on behalf of the Society wish to thank all the presenters for their dedication to nurturing this curiosity about nature to our participants. Also a heartfelt thanks to those volunteers from the Shawnee Chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society for their selfless dedication of stewardship to make each event pleasurable, fun, and safe.

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20th Anniversary Insect Awareness & Appreciation Day – Coming August 29


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The Hummingbird Festival

Face painting

Face Painting is always fun.

catching the birds

Catching the birds with care.

Measuring & cataloging

Measuring & cataloging

We had a great day at the Hummingbird Festival in Pope county, painting faces and watching the collecting and cataloguing of hummingbirds. 69 new birds were catalogued and 7 returning birds added their valuable information. Thanks to all the participants who came out and those who shared their time to make this gathering of scientific information fun. And a special thanks to our hosts, the Lindgren family, for sharing their home and feeding the hummingbirds.

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