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Cave Valley 2013

Yesterday, five of us made the annual Shawnee Chapter trip to Cave Valley for early spring migrants. The frigid dawn warmed up to a beautiful clear spring day. A little earlier in the season than we normally go, quite a few species were missing from our “normal” list. But, we all agreed that the extra […]

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Remembering the Trail of Tears

Tony Gerard tells the story of Caleb Tucker.
Last Monday evening, everyone enjoyed Tony Gerard’s living history performance of Caleb Tucker telling his story of the removal of the Cherokee from their homeland in Georgia to Oklahoma. After leading a group across the Ohio River on a ferry into Golconda, Illinois the trek began across southern […]

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Removing the Cherokee: A Soldier’s Story

Join us at Trail of Tears State Forest for a Living History presentation by Tony Gerard.
Tony portrays Caleb Tucker, a soldier in the United Sates Army who finds himself assigned to round up the Cherokee in preparation for forced removal to the Indian nations in present-day Oklahoma. As removal nears Caleb takes his discharge from […]

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