Christmas Bird Count

December 20, 2014

Plan now to participate in the War Bluff Valley Christmas Bird Count. Contact Ann at 618-564-2079 if you are interested in helping with this all-day count in the 15-mile-diameter WBVS count circle. The circle, located mostly in Pope County, has driving and walking routes available. Smaller blocks of time can be arranged and owling time (before or after daylight) is very welcome.

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2 Responses to Christmas Bird Count

  1. Hi there.

    I am a musician and artist and have a website named above.. I wondered if it were possible to use the bird image here on my website for the Christmas period?
    It is just what I am looking for.

    Many thanks


    • Dear Fiona,

      I visited your page and am happy that you found ours. As far as I can tell the bird is not copyrighted. I’m not sure who designed it as we have had many contributors. But you have my permission to use it on your site for the Christmas season.

      Randall Thomas
      Shawnee Chapter

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