Cave Valley 2013

sycamore treeYesterday, five of us made the annual Shawnee Chapter trip to Cave Valley for early spring migrants. The frigid dawn warmed up to a beautiful clear spring day. A little earlier in the season than we normally go, quite a few species were missing from our “normal” list. But, we all agreed that the extra long view we had of the cerulean and prothonotary warblers sharing the same branch, at eye level, with perfect lighting was the best we’d ever seen of either bird-and there they were together!

While waiting for folks to arrive in Pomona before driving down to Cave Valley we spotted barn and tree swallows, indigo bunting, blue grosbeak, black and turkey vulture, mourning dove, northern cardinal and chipping sparrow. Once in the forest, besides the cerulean and prothonotary, we picked up red-shouldered hawk, bluejay, blue gray gnatcatcher, American redstart, blue-winged warbler, yellow-throated warbler, common yellowthroat warbler, pine warbler, worm eating warbler, Louisiana waterthrush, red-eyed vireo, white-eyed vireo, yellow-throated vireo (and possibly a Philadelphia vireo), belted kingfisher and white-throated sparrow. Probably missing some-maybe Anne or Ann can add to this list!

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